Speech in Noise

Do you frequently find yourself struggling to hear well in noisy environments (i.e. shopping centres, cafes, restaurants and gatherings)? You’re not alone, as this is one of the most common complaints we receive at Healthy Hearing & Balance Care.

Hearing loss can present in different ways depending on the type and degree of loss. Such as hearing clearly in quiet or one to one situations, however, being unable to differentiate speech from background noise in noisy settings.

Speech in noise tests (SPIN) accurately assesses your ability to communicate in noisy environments as these tests are conducted in settings that are representative of the real world. Assessing hearing loss using words (as opposed to beeps) in the presence of background noise provides a representation of your everyday listening experience.

The results of these tests are useful in the decision-making process regarding the best solution for your hearing needs to maximise the benefit you achieve during your everyday communication.

If hearing aids are prescribed our high quality of care and ongoing service provided by experienced audiologists ensure that you are offered the best options with the latest technologies for best outcomes. We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with all hearing aid technology compatibility issues so that you are never inconvenienced.