Audiology E-Consulting

Healthy Hearing & Balance Care audiologists offer clinical services over the internet for those who cannot attend the clinic.

Consultation in the clinic is our preferred mode of providing services, as a physical examination of your ears is required for best audiology practice. Nevertheless, we are happy to accommodate for the needs of those who require our services but are unable to travel to the clinic.

E-consulting is provided using Skype and includes the following procedures;

  • First consultation to determine your needs.
  • Follow-up consultation for the management of hearing loss, auditory processing, tinnitus, hyperacusis, misophonia, acoustic shock, TTTS and Meniere’s disease.
  • Auditory training
  • Remote mapping of cochlear implants.
  • Assessment and selection of hearing aids
  • Troubleshooting of hearing aids and other hearing devices malfunction.

E-Consulting fees:

  • A minimum charge of $150 for a maximum of 45 minutes and $30 for every 15 minutes after that.

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