Meniere's Disease

Meniere’s Disease Research Symposium

5th Annual Meniere’s Disease Research Symposium Sydney, Australia – Program:

1. Welcome

Mr Leo Tuft. OAM, President. Meniere’s Research Fund Inc.

Dr Celene McNeill2. Hearing rehabilitation to improve quality of life for patients with Meniere’s: Disease

Dr Celene McNeill

3. Tissue culture and nanotechnology: the possibilities for Meniere’s disease

Associate Professor Payai Mukerjee

4. New tests of vestibular function for diagnostics of Meniere’s disease

Dr Luke Chen

5. Research project to determine if there is a possible viral cause of Meniere’s disease

Professor WPR Gibson

6. Latest findings from the Meniere’s Research Laboratory

Dr Daniel Brown. Head. Meniere’s Research Laboratory

7. Closing Remarks

Mr Bruce Kirkpatrick. OAM. Founding President. Meniere’s Research Fund Inc.