Cerumen – Earwax: When Does it Become a Problem?

Cerumen, also known as earwax is a healthy body substance which may require careful management, especially for those who constantly wear hearing aids or earplugs.

Earwax is Part of the Body’s Defence System

Wax is a normal part of the ear’s defence mechanism.

Earplugs and hearing aids are made of plastic materials and these can act as a foreign body to the ear, increasing wax production.

Wax management may be easily carried out at home by the individual following specialised instructions. A consultation with our audiologists will clarify your specific needs and alternatively, wax removal may be conducted in the clinic if necessary.

In-Clinic Wax Removal and Ear Cleaning

Different techniques to remove wax are available, depending on the complexity and health status of your ear canal.

The audiologist may be able to remove the wax using a curette providing no pre-existing ear disease. More complex cases can be or referred to the ENT specialist.

Professional Services Support Healthy Ears

Our ENT specialist, Em. Prof William Gibson uses a microscope and specialised suction device to safely remove impacted earwax at Healthy Hearing and Balance Care for patients with chronic ear infections, perforated tympanic membrane, etc.

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