Acoustic Shock

Acoustic ShockAcoustic Shock Injury is a physiological trauma to the ear caused by an episode of direct exposure to extremely loud sound which may lead to tonic tensor tympani syndrome (TTTS).

The offending sound with Acoustic Shock may be an explosion, a sudden screech from headphones or someone shouting next to one’s ear, for example. The initial reaction may be a severe startle with head and neck jerk. The immediate sensation following the injury is often described as “an electric shock into the ear” or “like an ice pick stabbing the ear”.

Symptoms of Acoustic Shock

Resulting symptoms may include pain, numbness, burning or tingling sensations around the ear and/or face; headaches, ear pressure, an echo or hollow feeling in the ear, tinnitus,  hyperacusis, balance problems such as dizziness and unsteadiness. In many cases, these symptoms spontaneously reduce over time but for some, it may result in chronic TTTS (tonic tensor tympani syndrome).

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